Bali night surfing: More pics and video

A couple of months ago I posted about Bali night surfing and included a few links to some videos of varying quality. Now, since the Oakley Pro Bali is history, a better video has been released of night surfing at Keramas and it’s making the rounds on all the major surf websites. Check out this version of the video on Surf Line, which has an HD option.

Yeah, it’s got terrible music, but the surfing is great and the party shots are brief.

As someone with an interest in photography, I’m more interested in seeing great shots and getting some valuable tips about camera settings, especially for night time shots. For those of you who share this interest, National Geographic has an article on photographing Bali Night Surfing (from the Oakley Pro Bali event) with some great pics.

Being in the spot to obtain the shots I created put us in a very dangerous place. We were not able to see any of the waves coming at us in the night. There were waves breaking in all different spots and in all different sizes. Several times we were caught off guard and had to bail from our position to avoid the breaking waves. Once, a 10-foot wave almost caught us and our only escape was to ride on the shoulder of the wave to avoid flipping the ski. Being a Surf photographer, you learn to expect the unknown. Surfing is so dynamic, you have to be ready for anything to happen and when it does, your settings and composition had better be spot on.   –Surf photographer Russ Hennings on shooting Bali night surfing (from National Geographic)

The official Oakley Pro Bali website also has a great selection of Bali night surfing shots from Keramas as well as some lame party pics (no offense to the photographers, I guess that goes with the territory).

Bali night surfing

Still from the Oakley Pro Bali night surfing Keramas video

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