Bali surfing competitions summer 2013

This summer will feature some exciting pro Bali surfing competitions, including two new events in June and July.

The prestigious Rip Curl Padang Cup will naturally take place in Padang Padang this summer, but there have been two new comps recently announced.

Bali surfing competitions, rip curl padang cup

Padang Padang, pic: Bartolomeo Koczenasz (Flickr CC)

The Rip Curl Pro Raglan also recently took place at New Zealand’s Manu Bay as part of the New Zealand Pro series with winners earning a spot in Bali.

As I posted nearly two months ago, the inaugural Oakley Pro Bali will take place from June 18th to the 29th in Keramas as part of the ASP World Championship Tour or “Dream Tour”.

Unconventional events in the US are already seeing teams vie for a spot at one of the most coveted Bali surfing competitions.

From a press release for the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge:

The storied and unique event series pits four-man teams (two surf shop pros and two shop employees) against each other for a chance to win $10,000, an advertising spread in SURFER Magazine, and the title of best surf shop in the country. This year marks the second consecutive year for each regional qualifying team to earn an enviable trip to Bali, Indonesia, a major coup in itself, despite the National Championship outcome.

Another inaugural member of Bali surfing competitions is the 2013 Billabong Life’s Better in Boardshorts Surf Event, in conjunction with the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC), which will take place at Balangan on July 4-7.

Raditya Rondi, the current Indonesian and Asian Surfing Champion is quoted in a press release for the new event:

I think it’s so cool Billabong is back on the tour and hosting a contest in Balangan – it’s really one of the best left hand waves in Bali! I’m really excited to see how the ASC will grow this year. It’s a step-up for the Asian surf scene, and definitely poses healthy competition amongst us athletes.

If you’re not an ASC member and want to participate in the new Billabong event, register early at

There you have it: Three incredible Bali surfing competitions for the summer of 2013!

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