Balangan Playboy Shoot

Today was an overcast start with early morning session at Balangan. For what started out as small sets the tides changed and we had some ripper waves rolling in from the point. We came in for a quick omelette and Balinese coffee then headed back out for another session. As the sets continued to get bigger the crowd grew with quite a few keen surfers around the point battling it out for those drop ins. With massive beach dumpers crashing onto the shore it was inevitable that someone would go A over T attempting to get to dry land with their massive foam boards. Leg rope tripping and big wave dumping left us in stiches and oh yea did I get it on camera! After we’d all been wiped out a few times we packed it in and chilled on the shore with ice creams watching the raging sets with onshore winds blast into Balangan. Big day at the beach but no broken boards! Quite surprising considering there seems to be a ‘board breaking bug’ going around that people just seem to be ‘catching’. Highlight for the boys today was the Japanese ‘Playboy’ photo shoot that was happening on the beach- including a bouncy ball!?! Back to the camp and with the afternoon light rain rolling in we all watched movies and relaxed. A few more goodbyes and a few more hellos but still same good vibes flowing through the camp.


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