Balangan, Pool, Sunset

Today the camp awoke to beautiful clear skies and a keen attitude to surf. With some clients leaving today they really wanted to get the most out of their final surf. So it was a quick breakfast then off “to the beach”. A common quote mentioned by our surf instructors when they are asked, “Where are we going?” a slight smirk and a “to the beach!” is always the reply. Followed by a smart-ass remark “you know the place where there is sand and water?” We headed ‘to the beach,’ Balangan Beach to be specific. The swell was gorgeous with nice long rolling lefts soaring in from the point, running all the way along the shore. It was 2-3ft with some 4 perhaps 5ft sets coming in at the point every so often. The waves were super glassy and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Our first session was great! With little crowd in the water we took advantage of empty waves. Some paddled in for a rest re-fuelling with a Balangan favourite- banana and pineapple juice. Second session proved to be a little more crowded and the sets began to close out as the tide began to roll out. We came back to the camp for some pool time, bintangs, review of surf photos and soaked up that amazing sunset we had! Every sunset you see is different here in Bali- and they’re all stunners!

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