Bali: big art, big waves and big surfers

I’ve decided to do a bit of cultural exploration lately; going to galleries, checking out articles on art exhibitions, watching art documentaries, etc. The other day I watched a video report on the Guardian website on a pretty cool exhibit in Manchester called 11 Rooms, featuring renowned artists such as Marina Abramović. You can see it here.

Searching for more work from the provocative Abramović took me too an article in the Telegraph and then to the Spread Art Culture website, where I came upon a piece by Kiša Lala on Bali-based artist Ashley Bickerton. Bickerton lives and has a studio on the Bukit Peninsula. He also loves surfing.

Surfing is still an inspiration and Bickerton celebrates the pomp and ostentation of stickers and tagging that glorify surfboards.

Included in the Spread Art Culture article is a video of Bickerton’s current “muse”, a large Californian surfer named Jimmy “Jimbo” Pelligrine, who is also now based in Bali.

Perhaps literally the largest surfer out there (but who knows, really) Pelligrine shows that you can shred no matter what your physical stature. After all, no one’s all that big when faced with the massive size of the ocean, especially the killer waves at Padang Padang. Anyway, as you’ll see by watching the below video, this guy is a skilled surfer and athlete.

Also, check out this page for pictures of Jimbo Pelligrine surfing some serious tubes.

Bali might not be a big island, and the Bukit is just a little piece of paradise, but apparently big surfers – as well as big waves – rule Padang Padang.

If the video won’t load click on this link.

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