Bali busy season – don’t sweat it

This month means the start of Bali busy season. Throngs of Australian students, European backpackers and people who’ve just seen Eat Pray Love for the tenth time will flock to the Indonesian island in search of fun and sun.

Sure, there will be larger crowds during Bali busy season – that’s where it gets the name. Surfers will be harder pressed to find waves and Bali’s airport will be working overtime. This will be the case through August, but don’t fret – there are alternatives. Most of the crowds that flock to the island during Bali busy season gather in Kuta. And if you want raging parties and packed beaches you should too.

But if you’re in search of a little more peace and quiet, a bit more nature, but still plenty of things to do, head to the Bukit peninsula. It’s there you’ll find beautiful beaches, waterfalls, jungle and cultural sites like Uluwatu temple, which also happens to be an incredible surf spot.

Here’s what the Sydney Morning Herald has to say about Uluwatu in an article on how to avoid the crowds – a great piece of advice for the Bali busy season:

Like Bali’s other famous sea temple, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu is a popular sunset spot when tour buses from Kuta and Nusa Dua arrive to take in the scene and see a traditional Kecak dance, in which the singers enter a trance as they chant. Go early in the morning, though, and you’ll have the place to yourself. The delinquent monkeys may also still be half asleep and less likely to steal your sunglasses.

A recent article from Surfer Today outlines what the author deems to be Bali’s top six surf spots, three of which are on the Bukit peninsula and the other half are in the vicinity. Here’s the surfer’s perspective on Uluwatu:

Uluwatu, in the southern end of Bali, is always pumping waves and gets good conditions with a South swell and Southeast trade winds. Expect 2-to-10 foot waves. It’s the most famous wave in Bali.

So there’s no reason to stay in Kuta during Bali busy season when there is so much more of the island to see – and so many better places to surf!

bali busy season

Kuta beach. Pic: Thomas Galvez

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