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Though Bali has long been synonymous with surfing (and recently equated with eating, praying and loving) many travelers are coming to this Southeast Asian island in order to take advantage of its other sites and activities beyond the famed beaches and surf.

A column for the United Arab Emirates-based Gulf News focuses on cultural and adventure activities in Bali and doesn’t even mention surfing. What’s up with that? Didn’t the author ever hear the Beach Boys’ famous hit ‘Surfin’ UAE’? OK, bad joke. The piece explores various non-surfing activities like cultural temple tours, volcano hiking and even white water rafting:

We yelled, we hollered, we behaved like a bunch of school kids as we bounced over the river bed, came upon steep drops, rammed against rocks and the mountain walls as the rocky river meandered down the lush green mountain. Never did we imagine we would do something so wild when we headed to this ultimate beach paradise for our Eid break, but here we were.

Read that entire article here.

photo by maticulous (Flickr CC)

An increasing number of Chinese tourists are also making their way towards Bali’s alluring beaches, party scene and natural wonders. An article in China Daily entitled ‘Bali days, Bali nights’ at least acknowledges that a particular Bali beach ‘attracts surfers’. No duh. It also goes on a bit about how you can visit and even stay with the medicine man from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Big deal.

Last, but by no means least, is a piece in New Zealand’s Timaru Herald about how ethical Kiwi tourists are coming to Bali with more than sand, surf and exotic cocktails in mind. In fact, they go for a different reason entirely: to help out Bali’s disadvantaged children.

Read more on that inspiring story here.

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