Bali’s beaches: Bukit Peninsula part 3

In part 1 of Bali’s beaches: Bukit Peninsula, we briefly covered the beaches of Pandang Padang, Dreamland and Bingin. In part 2 we mixed it up with Balangan, Suluban and Nyang Nyang.

Since Bukit is quite different from the rest of Bali in terms of climate and geography, it’s almost like an island itself. It is only a thin isthmus that connects this dry, limestone plateau to the main part of Bali. Though the peninsula is pretty small, its natural shape and topography give it a long and varied coastline.

Pura Masuka is part of that rugged Bukit coastline and more than a bit off the beaten path. It is located below the Uluwatu temple and reached via a bumpy road followed by a descending pathway of around 300 steps. At the bottom lies a small, secluded white sand beach.

photo by Annie Mole (Flickr CC)

Geger beach is a public beach located in the Nusa Dua part of Bukit. Nusa Dua is the east coast of the Bukit peninsula and home to the most highly developed resort area, also known as Nusa Dua. Geger is protected by a reef so it has very calm waters, making the beach area great for swimming and canoeing. Ad very warm waters and cool breezes and you can see why tourists refer to Geger beach as a “hidden paradise”. The outer reef also provides some good waves to surf.

Padang Padang 2 is located between Uluwatu and Padang Padang. Yes, Padang Padang already has a repetitive name and now you find out there are two of them. The second (Padang Padang 2) is more remote and quieter, but is a great spot for surfing. It is accessed via a path behind a bed and breakfast called Thomas Home Stay.

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