Big swell is here

Today with the tides high in the afternoon the beginners had the morning to relax. After a late satisfying breakfast the guys chilled around the pool- reading books, soaking up the sun and enjoying their holiday. The swell, as predicted had gotten significantly bigger today with Padang giving 4-5ft sets on the high tide and a strong rip. With these conditions we took the beginners with their foam boards to Jimbaran Bay where we had a clean 2ft shore break. Everyone had fun in the sun with plenty of waves caught and a changed of scenery and conditions compared to Padang. In the early stages of surfing it is good for beginners to surf both reef and beach breaks, as the two are completely different. Our intermediate guys today surfed Honeymoons in Jimbaran and had a ball. They had clean 3ft lefts to play in and hardly anyone else out. Another session for our intermediate guys was held at Impossibles, which was pumping. This afternoon the beginners continued surfing Jimbaran after an incredible seafood lunch from the bay while the intermediates headed to Uluwatu to watch the pros tear up the big swell. The beginners later joined for an Uluwatu sunset and bintangs. Great way to top off the day!

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