Rainy season

Today the camp awoke with pouring rain. We were supposed to have a 5.30am start but with heavy rain and tired eyes we decided to sleep in and enjoy the welcoming to the rainy season. Bernado, having just bought a new surfboard was up and ready to roll at 5.30 this morning so Made took him to Uluwatu for a morning session in the rain. Everyone else slept in and had a late breakfast. Once the rain had cleared up mid morning the sun was shining and it was humid!! We chilled for the morning and as lunchtime came around we enjoyed some local cuisine and a few games of pool on the new pool table! The new area is nearly completed with only the final fixings to go in in our new kitchen. Check out todays photo of the flashy pool table and new kitchen! Soon enough it was time for surf so we loaded up the boards and headed down to Padang Padang. The swell was definitely on the small side today but with everyone having foam boards we had a good session. The beach on Sunday has a fantastic vibe. There was tandem surfing, dogs on surfboards, 5 year olds and mums and dads. Really great day in the water and on the beach for everybody!

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