New Zealand's surfing pig

Over the past couple of years I’ve posted a bit about surfing animals. There are surfing dogs in California (in San Diego they have their own annual competition), a surfing goat (also in California) plus a surfing alpaca in Peru. I’ve even seen a video of a surfing rat in Thailand, although to be fair it’s really just a rat in the sea who happens to be clinging onto a floating flip-flop for dear life. Anyway, now videos of New Zealand’s surfing pig are making the rounds.

New Zealand’s surfing pig is none other than Zorro, a mixture of a kunekune (a small domestic pig native to New Zealand) and a common domestic pig with perhaps a bit of boar thrown into the mix. I know what you’re thinking: a surf boar on a surf board? Wondering if he “hogs” the waves? Maybe the pig and the dog heard about the pig dog stance and decided the sport of surfing was for them. OK, I’ll stop.

Zorro looks like a very young pig. He’s cute and cuddly looking and still quite small. Easy to pick up and put on a surfboard against his will. That’s right, New Zealand’s surfing pig is not like some of those dogs who can’t wait to get on the waves and hang ten. Not that I think New Zealand’s surfing pig is being abused, he just doesn’t seem that enthusiastic. No worries, after Zorro fattens up, he’ll not be able to perch on the front of his master’s board.

We’ll keep surfing until he gets to the size where he’s unmanageable and uh, yeah… [we’ll] see what happens after that.

–Zorro’s owner Mathew Bell

That cryptic statement sounds a bit macabre. Does he mean Zorro could turn from surfer dude to side dish? Some sort of grisly porcine surf and turf?

Check out the video report on Zorro, New Zealand’s surfing pig here and read more here.

new zealand's surfing pig

New zealand’s surfing pig (screen capture from video)

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