Padang Padang: So nice they named it twice

I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a bit about Padang Padang since it is the closest beach to Rapturecamps (aka Surfcamp Bali) and has been in the news a bit lately due to the Rip Curl Cup.

Easily the biggest Padang Padang news is that Indonesian surf star and Bali local Mega Semadhi has won the 2013 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Invitational.

Here’s what Semadhi had to say about his victory at the 10th annual event at Padang Padang (via Surfer Today):

This win means so much to me, here at my home and in front of my family, and because of last year too. In those final minutes I was trying to be patient, thinking that if I could lose in the final minutes like last year, I could also be the one to win in the last minute too […] When that last set came in I said not this one, not this one, I gotta pick the right one. And then it was like a fairly tale come true when I heard the score and that I won.

Mega edged out 16-year-old Australian standout Jacob Wilcox, who impressed everyone on his first trip to Bali. Wilcox is the under 16 World Junior Champion.

Read more about the 2013 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Invitational and see video footage and pictures on

I’m also pleased to see that Padang Padang is mentioned in a travel article for the New Indian Express:

Coming out of the cocooned life of luxury in the resort, we ventured to see for ourself the adventurous and exciting destinations that Bali can provide. Known as a paradise for surfing, as the high class waves in the Indian Ocean provides the right atmosphere despite the cacophony, is Padang Padang. With fast and punchy waves, we have to be careful as it may suck you with the level of water being pretty high.

I should also mention that a scene for Eat, Pray, Love was shot at Padang Padang, but I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe if I’m on a long haul flight and the battery on my laptop has run down and I’m too tired to read but not tired enough to sleep. And there’s nothing else on. Maybe then…

padang padang sunset

Padang Padang sunset. Pic: rakyan ‘boyan’ tantular (Flickr CC)

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