Sex Wax: Zog vs. Zoggs

Back in the mid 1980s, when I was in junior high school in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Mr. Zogs Sex Wax t-shirts were a bit of a trend. At first I didn’t know what the hell “sex wax” could be. Some kind of joke?

I mean it was the 80s, after the sexual revolution and the ultra permissive 70s, but also at the height of the first AIDS scare, the rise of the “moral majority”, and Nancy Reagan. What I mean to say is I knew it couldn’t be an actual wax used for sex. Using a wax for getting busy wouldn’t really make sense for teenagers anyway. It’s just not slippy enough.

Back then I was a skater and some of my clothing was surf gear, but I would never have worn a Mr. Zogs Sex Wax shirt. Sorry, but even at the tender age of 12 or 13 I knew it was just too lame. It was also too popular with the trendy kids.

But I do know that Sex Wax never spoils and that it’s “the best for your stick”. OK, we get it! It’s a sexual innuendo used to sell surfboard wax! Very Beavis and Butthead before Beavis and Butthead existed. Prescient, in fact.

Anyway, I’m just reminded of Sex Wax because Mr. Zog, real name Frederick Herzog, has been in the news over a legal spat between his company and an Australian firm called Zoggs that also makes surf products. (Coincidence? You be the judge.)

Herzog is accusing Zoggs of acting in bad faith by trying to trademark the brand name Zoggs in New Zealand.

From Fairfax NZ News:

A series of phone calls and emails beginning in the early 1990s between Herzog and Neil McConnochie, the son of one of the founders of Zoggs, were the basis of the bad faith claim.

Zog vs Zoggs… I smell a TV movie.

sex wax

Sex Wax image via Thomas Hawk (Flickr CC)

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