Surf School Bali

Our Surf school bali head instructor Teko has over 12 years experience and currently surfs in most local contests in the area. He also has several sponsors such as Seven Shores clothing  69 Slam underwear , cool shoes and Rapture Camps. Liam Itchy Taylor has an australian certificate for surf instruction and he also a qualified Lifeguard from the Sydney city beaches.

Surf School Bali

For those who have always wanted to try to learn surfing, bali has very consistent surf and great warm weather. Our surf school bali instructors will choose the best location according to your ability.  With over 30 years surf experience amoung them all our guides have been traveling around bali and pretty much know each an every spot like there own local breaks. First off the instructor will advise you on how to handle the board, paddle out, catch waves and stand up. All of our instructors have Australian surfing standards Licenses with one of them having his lifeguards license aswell. They are experts on choosing the best time and location to surf.

Surf Lessons Bali

Our surf school bali only offers qualified and well trained surf intructors.

A brief section on our style of lesson.

Standing Up – Find out which stance you are most comfortable with, right foot forward is called Goofy and left foot forward is called Natural.
Simulate this on the beach or in the privacy of you home. You will best understand and develop the actions of standing up.

First Step – lie on your surfboard or simulate on a towel, you must have correct position. The middle will give you an indication, your feet near or over the tail.
The nose of the surfboard should not be sinking nor should it be pointing to the sky. A Correct trim is required (one inch movement up or down will achieve this.)

Learn to surf bali

Second Step – Paddle in a coordinated fashion. Similar to swimming, without the arms going over the shoulders. Cupping the hands to pull as much water as they can hold. We need to extend one arm from the top right down the side of the board, while the other arm lengthens on the other side, opposing the arms.

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Third step – Catching the wave, pick a wave or white wash. Face towards the beach, use your paddling technique for forward motion, and the force of the wave to help you catch it. Place your hands in front of your chest on the board to lift yourself up.
Some people find it hard to get to their feet, using your back leg or knee to assist you will make it easier. Feet should be shoulder width apart, front foot at a 45-degree angle, back foot straight across the board. Knees bent slightly with arms out for balance and direction.

Bali Surf School

Surf lessons

1st Lesson

* Beach awareness Camp; safety introduction.
* Explanation of equipment
* Paddling technique
* Catching waves
* Standing up / popping up to your feet
* Controlling your board.

2nd lessons

* How to stand up Camp; ride your waves into the beach
* acceleration/stalling techniques
* Pop-up Camp; stance refinement

3 rd lessons

* Turning
* Forehand / backhand maneuvers
* Style development
* Surf awareness

4th Lessons

* Linking turns together
* Technique enhancement

5 th Lessons

* Waves that are out of depth / out the back
* Linking together bottom and top turns
* Paddling out techniques
* Techniques to get through lines of whitewater

6 th lesson

* Riding green / unbroken waves
* Sitting on your board
* Angled take offs
* Wave selection and timing

7 th lesson

* Turning on the wave face (fore and back hand)
* Positioning in the line-up
* Use of rip currents
* Wave selection and timing refinement
* Use of hard boards

All of these lessons really depends on how fast you progress alot of these steps will be done over and over again until we feel you can reach the next level.