Surfing animals caught on tape

These days there are so many surfing animals out on the waves it’s almost not even a novelty thing any more. Surfing dogs, surfing mice, rats, goats… you name it. The Helen Woodward Animal Center – located north of San Diego, California –even has a Surf Dog Hall of Fame. That’s right, the center inducted new members at its 8th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon earlier this month.

There are certain places in the world where people are so amped about surfing that they just have to bring their dogs… and goats… and pigs… and alpacas into the water with them. Just check out the previous links for pictures and videos if you don’t believe me. Most videos of surfing animals I’ve seen are real, but don’t let this one of a surfing sheep pull the wool over your eyes.

A lot of the surfing animals seem to hail from Australia, New Zealand and California. I’ve never been to the first two places, but seriously, what can you expect from Californians? They’ve always been a bit “different”. Just check out this modern day Jeff Spicoli and you’ll see what I mean.

Honestly, besides dogs (who are the best surfing animals) I don’t think most of these furry friends really want to surf. They’re just not the kind of creatures you associate with the ocean. On the other hand, there are plenty of animals that love to swim and love the waves. Some even spend their lives on the beach or in the sea. For example, check out this video of a group of baby seals flopping up onto an unmanned surfboard. One of them just can’t seem to stay on. Maybe it needs some surf lessons.

Finally there is even a top 10 list of pictures surfing animals, although most of them aren’t actually surfing. Sorry, but a frightened cat that someone placed on a body board and then pushed it into the middle of a swimming pool does not count even by the lax standards applied to surfing animals. Neither does a seagull that happened to land on a body board while it’s parked on the sand. At least the rabbit seems to be giving it a proper go.

surfing animals

Surfing animal – doggy bail. Pic: Nathan Rupert (Flickr CC)

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