Surfing legend deported from Bali

A couple of years ago I posted about a big surfer who absolutely shreds on Bali’s waves. Now that celebrated big surfer, American Jimbo Pelligrine, is being held by authorities and will soon be deported from Bali for overstaying his visa.

Jimbo is a well-known fixture in the Bali surf scene and has even been the “muse” of a successful Bali-based artist named Ashley Bickerton. Read about Bickerton in this article from SpreadArtCulture, which also features a video of Jimbo Pelligrine surfing on Bali’s waves. For a look at some of Bickerton’s art featuring Pelligrine check out this article.

If you don’t know Jimbo, you better ask somebody – or just look for the 400-pound dude shredding on a surfboard. From silk boxers, to a new Mayhem board, to a villa rental for the week – Jimbo’s got you covered in Bali.

One might wonder why someone like Jimbo, who has brought so much attention and enthusiasm to Indonesia’s surf scene, would be deported from Bali just on a small technicality like an expired tourist visa. Well, usually visa policies of countries and how foreigners are treated by their immigration departments is directly related to how that country’s own nationals are treated in the corresponding country of the foreigner. Make sense? If not, I’ll put it another way: At least officially, I’m guessing Indonesia treats American nationals more or less like the U.S. treats Indonesian nationals. Same basic rules, though how things are carried out in reality may be a different story. As you can probably guess, it’s the U.S. that sets the tone for immigration policy between the two countries.

See the basic visa rules for visiting Bali and the rest of Indonesia here so you’ll know how to not get deported from Bali.

Read more about Jimbo’s visa woes and why he faces being deported from Bali on Bali Discovery.

For more information on the “world’s biggest surfer” and loads of pics of him shredding in Bali, check out this photo essay on

Best of luck to Jimbo and hopefully he will be back in Bali and on the waves before too long.

Legendary fat surfer Jimbo Pelligrine deported from Bali

Jimbo Pelligrine deported from Bali

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