Surfing monkeys?

Last month on the Portuguese site I posted about surfing dogs in Portugal and California. Then I thought, what about monkeys? Can they surf? They’re more human-like, smarter and agile than dogs, so why not?

Because it’s stupid, that’s why. Though I did come across this video of monkeys in Japan ‘driving’ remote controlled speedboats and riding on wake boards or some such thing. Ridiculous and a bit shameful, honestly.

There are plenty of monkeys who live near Bali’s top surf spots, however. A visit to the Uluwatu temple brings visitors into contact with many mischievous monkeys who will steal your sunglasses and flipflops if you’re not careful.

It is also well visited. Most people come at sunset, as the temple is set high over the Indian Ocean swells and reef breaks that have made Uluwatu famous with surfers, and there is a monkey dance show which draws crowds perhaps of 1000 people.

It’s not the monkeys who actually dance either, in case you’re wondering. No monkey dancers, no monkey surfers. Get it out of your mind.

Read all about the monkeys of Uluwatu in the West Australian.

image credit: Rollan Budi (Wikimedia Commons)

Surfers have better things to do than teach the monkeys of Bali how to surf.

Christian surfers in Australia recently did a 10km (6 mile) paddle to raise money for street children in Bali.

From the Coffs Coast Advocate:

A group of 36 took part in the second annual Coffs Coast Paddle Against Poverty fundraiser and collected $10,000 for the Bali Life Foundation.

The Bali Life Foundation is a small Christian charity with the states aim: ‘To provide a loving home, full of life, for orphaned, abandoned and rejected children of all faiths.

Visit the Bali Life Foundation’s homepage for more information.

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