Surfing pig charms Internet

Another surfing animal has hit the headlines. This time it’s a surfing pig. Kamapua’a, or Kama for short, is a pig from Hawaii — where else should a surfing pig come from? — who has already garnered a sponsorship from Costco, a free GoPro camera and clothes from surf brand Local Motion. Anyone remember them? I don’t think Kama is going to be wearing any board shorts so I suppose that goes to the pig’s owner, Kai Holt.

Kai noticed the Kama’s aquatic skills when he fell into the swimming pool and handled himself like a pro.

From Hawaii News Now:

You know surfing is Hawaii’s gift to the world, like true happiness, you know, that’s what this guy does.  Everywhere he goes he just makes people smile and laugh.  He just brings joy to the world.

—Kai Holt, Kama’s owner

Follow Kama on Instagram: @KamaPigHI

Apparently a surfing pig is not the least common thing in the world. USA Today’s For the Win website has compiled several surfing pig videos. There’s Ilio from Poipu (also in Hawaii) and Zoro from New Zealand, among others.

Another surfing animal that’s been tugging the collective heartstrings of Internet surfers the world over is Ricochet the surfing dog. Ricochet’s skills have been availed of by the Make a Wish Foundation in order to grant 15-year-old stage-four cancer patient, Caleb Acosta, the ride of his life. Read more about that story here.

Finally, even jolly old England has its very own surfing dog. Surfing Labrador Sherry of the Isle of Wight draws crowds whenever she hits the waves.

Here’s what Sherry’s owner Kevin Fallon has to say about the surfing dog’s skills.

From the Express:

Sherrie has a natural agility and she’s probably a better surfer than us – a real veteran of the surfboard. She doesn’t think about the danger involved or how deep the water is – she just concentrates on riding the wave. She knows her limits though and won’t go in if the waves are too high.

There you have it: a surfing pig and a couple of surfing dogs. Now you’ve got no excuse not to hit the waves.


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