Surfing Uluwatu

For experienced surfers, surfing Uluwatu means experiencing the very best waves the island of Bali has to offer. The amazing waves of Uluwatu are what put Bali on the world surfing map in the first place.

Surfing Uluwatu

Located on the Bukit Peninsula’s southwest tip, just a tiny bit south of other renown surf spots like Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin and Dreamland, Uluwatu is famous for the incredible 11th century cliff-top Hindu temple that presides over these god-like waves. But among surfers it’s the waves themselves that make Uluwatu a place of pilgrimage to honor, respect and even worship. Real surfers know they can never tame these waves, but rather try to become one with them and literally go with the flow.

Make no mistake, surfing Uluwatu is not for beginners. Only pros and skilled surfers should attempt these world-class waves. If you’re not an experienced surfer, it’s best to watch from the shore and hone your skills at Padang Padang’s nearby beach break (Padang Padang Right) and other beginner and intermediate-level breaks before attempting a serious (and potentially very dangerous) spot like Uluwatu.

Surfing Uluwatu: 5 breaks in one

Uluwatu actually consists of five different breaks, namely (from north to south) The Peak, Racetrack, Outside Corner, Temples and The Bombie. These various breaks have different characteristics at different times and depending on the swell. On days with a large swell during low tide, leave surfing Uluwatu to the advanced surfers and pros. There are good conditions during all tides for small and medium swells. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that Uluwatu provides consistently great waves and chances are there will be some seriously good surf happening at several times throughout the day.

If you’re skilled enough to try surfing Uluwatu, make sure you take care. Wear reef booties and use a big board with a strong leash. Ask some of the experienced local surfers, surf instructors and surf guides about when to surf and when not to.

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