B E A Utiful Day!!

Today the camp awoke to a beautiful day with the sun shining and a cool breeze in the air. After a hearty breakfast the beginners were the first lot to head out. With two carloads full we headed down to Padang to check the swell. Today the swell in Padang was slightly smaller then yesterday with 1-2ft clean sets breaking with a few larger sets in between. There was no rip and a very light cross-shore wind. These conditions sounded tasty! Exactly what we needed for our beginners and oh the water was oh so blue today. Crystal clear glistening aqua! First session was a lot of fun with everybody catching waves and even a few cheeky lefts every now and again. After a few hours and some damn good waves the guys paddled in for some rest and fresh fruit. Second session was just as good with the guys heading out on high tide. The wind picked up over lunch with a medium cross-shore blowing but only giving a bit of a bump to the waves. Check out todays photo of Samo ‘planking’ on a wave. I bet that hasn’t been planked yet! Intermediates surfed East Coast yet again, coming home with great feedback and tired eyes. Some surfed for over 4 hours and were knackered this afternoon. Out for dinner tonight for some Mexican and then back to camp for beers,  good company, good laughs and good times!

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