Early morning session

Today we had yet another early start, rolling out of bed at 5am. We had a quick caffeine hit and a chocolate fix before grabbing our boards and heading down to Padang Beach. The swell was looking good with 2-3ft sets rolling in, there was a bit of a strong rip and a few close outs but we ready to take it on. We paddled out and had a great session. The conditions changed quite quickly once the tide began to creep in, changing to solid 3- 3 and half foot sets and Padang left going off with some sets breaking into the channel and joining with the right. The waves got choppy and with the sudden swell change it gave a few of the clients a bit of a scare. With a quick re-assurance that there was nothing to worry about they were back in the water dominating the rolling white wash. Once they’d surfed all they could we headed back to camp for a hearty breakfast and a quick power nap before taking on round two in Padang with similar conditions to the previous session. A great surfing day was had by all. Out for dinner tonight to the famous Sushi Tei Restaurant! And a big welcome back to our Aussie Surf Guide Rusty whose joined the camp again! Yeow!!


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