Great weather, great surf, good times!

Today we had yet another early start leaving for surf at 6am. Over the past few days we have had some clients leave the camp, but we have had many arrive, from all over the world. The camp is buzzing at the moment full of keen beginner surfers mingling and soaking up the Balinese sunshine. They felt their jetlag this morning at 6am, taking their big foam boards to the car and loading them on. We had two full cars and 3 bikes head down to Padang to check conditions- and they were perfect! Clean small 2ft sets peeling into Padang and there was no one in the water and the tide was still coming in. We headed down and after a fill in on the beach the swell and several pop up practises we were paddling out ready to surf. The guys had a ball with some first time waves caught and the token two fists in the air and a big cheesy smile once the board reaches the end of the wave before they jump into the sea. We surfed until the bellies rumbled then it was back to the camp for breakfast and then again another session back at Padang. This was now on high tide and the cross-shore wind had picked up and the size was now 2-3ft sets but from our foam board beginners to our short board surfers everybody had a great time with the weather being absolutely stunning. Mmm it’s been a gooooood day!

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