Double Session at Padang

Today we had our last early morning start rising at 5am and heading down to the beach at 5.30. The weather was a little overcast with a strong wind blowing. The swell was showing similar conditions to yesterday with 2-3ft sets rolling in and for a period around high tide there were some 4ft sets. Padang left was pumping 4-5ft barrels out with a few advanced guys showing us an early morning barrel. The sets were breaking into the channel and the winds picked giving the waves a great deal of bump. After a while the conditions changed again giving bumpy 3-4ft sets showing inconsistency. Amongst all of these swell changes our beginners were battling it out, catching wave after wave and having ‘the best day yet’. Our first session ended when our stomachs started grumbling and we headed back to the camp for some French toast and jaffles! Second session was immediately after breakfast so we rung the bell and loaded up the car for round two. Many laughs and smiles and a good day in the surf! Back at the camp there was some tired eyes and lots of snoozing all afternoon. Tonight it’s barbecue night at the camp with bintangs, beats ribs and steaks all round! After the barby were heading down to good ole’ Single Fin for some reggae and dancin’! Yeoow!!

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