Surfin' Sushi

Today we saw the sun rise at Balangan with a great morning session. Water was cool and the air was crisp. Some of the sets were up to 3 metres with quick lefts and onshore winds. Some attempted the barrelling lefts while others sat onshore and frothed. Low tide came very quickly and we were walking out ankle deep through the reef. Back at the camp it was snoozing, delivered pizzas and sun tanning. We had some people leaving and some people arriving. Some guy’s surfed Dreamland this afternoon and others went to Padang. Both of these were nice sessions cruising into the afternoon. There were surf films and photographs of client’s time at Rapture being shown (a new package that we offer!) with great clips edited with awesome music and footage of them surfing along with the Bali life and the Rapture style. All this for less than the price of some zinc and wax! Keep an eye out on the website for some recent clips including the ‘Phat Reggae Dub’ boys afternoon session at Dreamland. Barrelling lefts all to themselves! Tonight we loaded up the vans and ventured into Kuta for some amazing sushi! Completely stuffed some caught a taxi into the heart of it all to party on into the night while others cruised on back to camp for an early one to make that sunrise surf tomorrow.


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