Surfin on the other side

This morning at the camp we were blessed to have a sleep in and enjoy breakfast at the camp before our first session. We decided that it was time to mix things up a little and show our clients the rest of this beautiful island! The decision was to head to the East Coast. With the swell small and the wind minimal we thought it was the perfect opportunity. After breakfast we loaded up the boards and the tribe into two cars and 4 bikes and headed to the other side. There are many things to see along the way including some things they wouldn’t usually see at home- two men carrying a front gate on a motorbike, a family of 3 plus a dog on a motorbike. Always makes for a good laugh and great holiday photo. We got to Nusa Dua and the waves looked like fun. For the first morning session we surfed Mushroom Rock and as the high tide hit a few bigger sets came through and scared the guys a little so we paddled in for some local Nasi Champur. After a feed and a quick relax it was time for session two. This time the guys headed over to Black Stone where they took to the white wash while our advanced guys surfed out the back. Fun day on the other side of the island!


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