Gooooood vibes!

Today after a few had a night out in Kuta breakfast was slowly rolling along. Sure enough everyone was fed and caffined up before we loaded up the car and headed to Balangan. With the swell dropping a little today, Padang just didn’t look like it had enough grunt for us so Balangan it was. The waves were 1-2 feet and perfect for our guys- the crowd wasn’t too heavy either. We arrived and got straight into the water, surfing all morning into lunchtime. It was the Balangan favourites for lunch- nasi-goreng with banana and pineapple juice. Yum! Second session we waited for the tide to drop a little as it quietened down on high tide. The wind picked up a little in the afternoon as well giving the waves a bit of a bump. We surfed into the afternoon and soaked up the sunshine. We came home for some serious pool time, bintangs, billiard and bets. There were some great wins at billiard today with Bretto winning a ‘double or nothing’ with Josh earning 2 Smirnoff Ices. Barbecue night tonight and the vibe at the camp is great great great! Afternoons at Rapture now are a real social event with great beats and great company. Real family vibe goin on and who better to bring the family vibe then our own camp mum SUNNY! and we looooooove it!

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