Surfin secret spots

This morning at the camp we began with a hearty breakfast consisting of omelettes, jaffles, pancakes and the new addition, which is proving to be quite popular- French toast. Once we’d all fuelled up we loaded up the boards and headed over to the East Coast again. After checking Padang this morning the swell looked quite small and was barely breaking in some sets. We crossed our fingers and hoped the East Coast would pull through with nice waves. We headed to a secret spot with 2 carloads and 4 bikes, with the advanced guys joining us as well. The swell was clean with 2ft sets rolling in and the swell grew to 3ft on the high tide. Our advanced guys went to yet another one of our secret spots and were blessed with 3ft clean sets and they all had a great surf with the entire beach all to themselves. The beginners first session was a lot of fun, with some of our guys surfing their last waves and soaking up every set. As the tide began to drop and it got shallow quickly we came out for some local mie-goreng from the warung and enjoyed the empty beach that we had to ourselves. Todays photo is of a couple leaving us tomorrow. Tom and Kate. They’ve been together for 15 years but anyone would think they’d just met. A truly beautiful couple that know how to show real love.

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