4 sessions in 1 day

Today was a full full day of surfing with 4 sessions being smashed out. This morning we had some new guys join us for breakfast so it was jaffles, pancakes and meet and greets around the breakfast table. Once we’d gotten to know each other a little better we loaded up the car and took our beginners down to Padang Beach where there were nice little 1-2ft sets rolling in. The wind was strong today with a cross-shore giving the waves a bit of bump. The sets grew to 3ft on the high tide and the guys surfed two sessions coming in for some Nasi Goreng and fresh coconuts. Some first waves caught today and there is improvement in everybody every single day and the satisfaction is extremely rewarding. Our intermediates today headed to Balangan Beach after breakfast where they had 4ft sets peeling in from the point. They surfed only coming in for, again, Nasi Goreng and were lucky enough to not even had much of a crowd in the water. Intermediates second session was this afternoon at Dreamland with 3ft sets as the tide was going out. They all got a few good ones in and were happy with their days surf. Very relaxed/sleepy vibe at the camp tonight. Some guitar playing, bintangs and a DVD to nod off to. Zzzzzzz

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