Big Balangan Sets

These dawn surf sessions just don’t seem to get old. Early risers headed to Balangan for a refreshing (and slightly chilly!) surf session this morning. We had beginners with a whole section to themselves and the keen boys headed to the point where there were some pumping sets! High season has arrived ladies and gentlemen! Come on down! With the water on the cooler side and the waves roaring why not come to Rapture and escape your winter blues…. Even if its summer at home our waves will outdo yours!  And there aren’t even big crowds! After a stunner morning session we paddled in for some breakfast at the local warung. Banana pancakes, fruit salad and fresh juices. Mmmhhmmm. It was then back into the water, with a few previous clients popping up in the surf we chatted and surfed through till lunch sitting on the boards watching the heavy sets roll into the point. When the tide was so low that we were ankle deep walking out we headed back to camp for some lying around the pool and afternoon snoozing. Our surf guide Samo showed the beginners how its done at Uluwatu this afternoon with everyone watching on with a Bintang as the sun set over another beautiful day in Bali.

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