Padang sunset

5.30am had a stiff breeze and some rather large sets at Padang Padang. The monkeys came out to play again this morning, moving along the beach attempting to swipe a treat- sunglasses, flip flops, the lot! Beginners were tested today in the surf and they came out on top, most of the time. Some killer wipe outs and a great lot of fun and advancing made by all the guys. We then zipped back to the camp for a hearty breakfast and laughs about the morning session. Second session had us back in the water fighting those sets again. Those who were able carved up the rights and some lefts, dodging the odd flying foam board. We paddled back in and after watching a beautiful Balinese ceremony on the beach we ventured back to camp. Advanced boys surfed Uluwatu this morning and had a great session! They were so pleased with their waves they purchased snaps from the local photographer. Some went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. Chimi changas YUM! While others lounged about the pool, snoozing the afternoon away. With a few more arriving and a few more leaving today the evening had reminiscences and introductions, as the leaving clients tell tales of their fantastic trip the new clients wait excitedly for what is to come!

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