Swell has arrived!

Today the swell seriously arrived. With an early surf check of Padang the left was pumping out 5ft sets with the right not breaking as the rip was so big. The left was joining with the right in some sets. Impossibles was huge too- 5ft and sooo clean! The intermediates were licking their lips keen for a hard-core session while the beginners were questioning our actions with the big swell. The decision was made for the beginners to surf Jimbaran and for the intermediates to investigate the East Coast. With there being no wind on our side, once the boys has gotten to the East Coast the wind was cross-shore and mushing up these 5footers. Still Josh managed to get a few barrels in. Beginners surfed Jimbaran with clean 2ft beach breaks. There were some 2-3footers thrown in there every so often as well. With the water bouncing back off the bay there were a few mushy wipe-outs and some funny rides. When high tide hit and the beach dumps got a little too heavy for some, we sat on the shore and watched the local Jimbaran grommies shred. We enjoyed a feast of seafood for lunch and continued surfing into the afternoon. Out for dinner tonight to an Italian Restaurant in Jimbaran then home for some zzzzzzz’s! Mmm pizza, pasta beer and bed!

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