Uluwatu sunset with a bintang!

Today we had a busy day with 3 surf sessions happening in the camp. First starting with the beginners heading to Padang Beach, with a drive over the bridge and a quick surf check the waves looked great! We headed up to the car park, unloaded the car and headed down. Coming through the cave and down the stairs we were greeted with clean 2ft sets peeling into Padang. We were stoked and wasted no time paddling out and getting amongst it. First session was a lot of fun with everybody catching waves and big smiles. The guys paddled in for some mei-goreng and fresh coconuts before a lay on the beach to soak up the sun. Second session was better then the first with the swell picking up a little and the crowd dying down. That’s the way we like it! The guys were hugging Samo and Made coming out of the water, thanking them for such a great day. Really makes our day hearing such good feedback about our instructors! Intermediates today surfed Balangan with solid 3ft sets but a 70 person crowd. They all still got some waves and had a good session. The final surf was a sunset Uluwatu surf for our advanced guys with the beginners watching the session unfold from The Edge with a bintangs. Drinks have continued on into the night with great laughs and great company back at the camp! Cheers!

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