Rapture sponsors local grom comp

Today with the swell still big our advanced boys checked Padang and saw 5ft barrelling sets howling in and Impossibles was a clean 5ft. Our boys surfed it on high tide and only managed to catch a wave each with long waits between sets. They said it was rather heavy and our one body boarder in the camp got absolutely cleaned up in a set. Our beginners took to Jimbaran Bay again with great clean 2ft beach breaks for everyone to play around in. Our short boarders even managed to get baby barrels- of course never making it out but still a lot of fun! We surfed two sessions, with the first being better as the it high tide, the wind picked up in the afternoon and as the swell slowly dropped so did the waves. We all had a lot of fun with a few sad stories of damaged boards but still all smiles. Also today we had our local grommets competition held in Thomas Padang Beach. Rapture is the major sponsor of this event and they even had Anna as the guest judge for the competition. With the swell big the gommies took to the shore break but still managed to catch some rippers with eleven competing and a clear first, second, third and fourth place- todays picture. Barbecue night tonight with Carefour re-opened already we managed to get some meat! Then its off to Single Fin yet again for some reggae and beers! Whatta day!!


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