Swell is rising

Today was an early start for some with a surf session starting at 5.30am in Dreamland. Majority of the camp awoke late and were able to indulge in some banana pancakes and jaffles. We loaded up two very full cars and four motorbikes and headed to Jimbaran Bay. We checked Padang earlier and with the swell due to be picking up over night there were a few too many big sets rolling in. As we arrived in Jimbaran there were perfect 2ft rolling sets and the tide was still coming in. Some light off shore winds and sunny skies. We didn’t waste any time. With 4 new beginners and a handful of new surfers we took up majority of the beach but there was plenty of waves to go around. Some of the beach breaks have some mean closeouts and it can be hard to judge at times for beginners exactly what is a closeout. Numerous wipe out photos were taken with everyone having a good laugh as they came out of the water. We surfed 2 times with everybody going for some fresh seafood caught right in the bay for lunch. After a long hard day of surfing and eating delicious food we loaded up the boards and headed back to camp. We have a few long time clients leaving us tomorrow so tonight it’s farewell drinks in Uluwatu! We’ll drink to that!

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