Padang Party

Today we had a few late risers with a late night Kuta venture happening last night. We had one Aussie girl leaving the camp today so in true Aussie fashion we took her out for a night on the drink in Kuta. A good night was had by all, with one partier not returning until 3pm this afternoon! So surfing today was fun. The beginners this morning headed to Padang with 2ft clean sets to surf in. The wind picked up around lunch time and the swell grew to 3ft sets on the high tide. The guys surfed 2 sessions with a few friends showing up on the busy Saturday Padang Beach. Rizal Tanjung and his son paddled out for a few waves with him pushing his son into a few waves and catching some himself. Our intermediate surfers today surfer a secret spot again on the East Coast and had 3-4 foot glassy waves and no one else in the water. This afternoon intermediates surfed Dreamland and had 2ft sets surfing watching the sun set over the water. Prediction say the swell is picking up tomorrow with our intermediates keen to check out more of our secret spots on the island! Tonight is out for dinner to our local Mexican Restaurant for some Chimichangas and Frozen Margaritas! Yeow!!

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