Balangan Beauty!!

Today the swell had decent size with offshore winds and clean glassy sets at Balangan. Rain didn’t hang around for the whole day with a bright sunny afternoon for all to enjoy. Our first session had beginners a little hesitant but all it takes is that first mad wipe out then your set to tackle anything. We all had a great time though with little crowds and good vibes in the water all day. The Japanese playboy girls were back for another photo shoot- this time their photographer (a middle aged Japanese man) decided to dress for the occasion as well, sporting a leopard print man-thong as he photographed these petite schoolgirl centrefolds. We all had a good laugh and were a little confused as to the photographer’s choice of clothing. Each to their own!! We surfed into the afternoon filming some sick waves caught by some of the guys and some decent wipe outs.  Logging footage from each day is a real treat. Seeing their determined faces paddling the waves and their absolutely pleased faces after they’ve caught it.  We also offer video analysis for clients at the camp now as well which is a great way to improve your skills. It’s easy enough for someone to tell you what your doing wrong but to actually see what you are doing and for someone to talk through with you how to improve is highly beneficial for any beginner-intermediate surfer! Just another lil’ something that makes Rapture the best!

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