Jimbaran Bay sun all day

Today with the swell still big we had a late breakfast and eased into the day. With the tide not high till after lunch we chilled at the camp until it was time to leave. With a few new faces around the camp we all had a meet and greet before loading the cars with boards and heading to the beach. The choice was Jimbaran. It’s a change from our regular beach and gives the clients a chance to explore a different area of Bali. When we arrived the swell was small with 1-2ft little beach breaks- perfect for our guys! As the morning rolled into lunch a few more surf camps turned up and slowly filled the bay. We still maintained our spot in the water and had enough space to catch waves left and right and jump off before eating the beach. Our first session was great, as the waves got better as the tide got higher. Our intermediate boys checked Airport rights and saw a roaring swell and thought it was a bit too heavy for them, a quick check of some close-by spots saw the waves a little messy from the on-shore winds so they came to meet up in Jimbaran for some shorey fun. As the afternoon rolled in everyone came in for a bit then grabbed a foam board and ran back out for some more. Lots of fun in the sun ending with a sunset Bintang and a big cheers!

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