Surfin' Kuta with a smashin' sunset

Today with the tides not high until 3pm in the afternoon the guys had the morning to chill. Some went for a wander down the street to local restaurants and beaches, some chilled by the pool soaking up the sun and others caught up on their holiday novel. The camps only body boarder went out early this morning to Bingin for some 4-5ft sets and even a few barrels. He surfed with our guide Samo and got placed right into the best waves. Our intermediate guys today checked Padang and thought Impossibles looked inviting. The swell today has dropped but still had a bit of size about it. 4ft sets rolling through Impossibles on the high tide and a strong wind had the guys working hard. They all got some waves and had a good morning surf. The winds increased in the afternoon and a second session was called off. Our beginners today ventured to Kuta! With Padang still being too big and the rip too strong we took our chances and headed into the big smoke. We surfed a spot with no crowd but the wind picked up in the afternoon which gave the waves a bit of bump but everyone still had a great surf finishing with a beautiful sunset over Kuta Beach.


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