New surf spot!

This morning at the camp we were hearing the tales of the boys big night out in Kuta and the happenings of the Melbourne Cup yesterday. Plenty of funny stories for everyone. Our mate Bretto was passed out on the couch this morning at breakfast with the clients giggling around him as he mumbled Indonesian in his sleep while fist pumping the air. “Bagus…bagus…bagus!” Once we’d annoyed Bretto enough and finished breakfast we loaded up the cars and headed to a new spot that we hadn’t been before- Serangan! There was a little bit of a drive involved but well worth it once we arrived. We arrived around lunch time so enjoyed a local nasi-goreng with chicken and egg before heading out for a surf. A few first time surfers in the water today and they had a great session! Plenty of woo-hoo’s and ya-hoo’s coming from everywhere in the waves. The swell seemed to have picked up today and we enjoyed 2foot sets with some 3 footers thrown in. Unfortunately there was a strong on-shore wind blowing which messed the waves around a little but still everyone enjoyed themselves. As the sun began to set we packed up the boards and headed home for some beers, dinner and sleeeeeeeep.

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