Surfin' all day, nasi-goreng at night

This morning at the camp we had clients leaving and clients arriving with some sad goodbyes and some new faces to meet and mingle with. Breakfast was a social occasion with everyone introducing themselves and where they’re from. We have an array of clients from all over the world at the camp at the moment and with 2 Aussie surf guides and Samo and Anna here there is a great welcoming vibe from everyone. We had some day clients join us as well today, a family from Australia. The first surf session today was with our intermediate/advanced surfers. The boys headed over to the East Coast again sussing out some secret spots. They found a beauty and surfed 2-3ft waves until lunchtime. Beginners today surfed Padang with two carloads full of keen surfers ready for some action. Everyone had a great session with small clean 2ft sets peeling in. Some first time surfers caught some great waves with photos as ‘proof’ that they actually stood up- new facebook profile pic! We surfed into the afternoon with the swell picking up a little on high tide. Intermediate boys this afternoon took to a sunset surf at Dreamland for some shore break fun. They were the only ones out and had little 2ft sets to play in. Nasi-goreng tonight for dinner and an Eddie Murphy DVD to nod off to. Mmmmhhmmm!

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