A day at Jimbaran Bay

Today the swell arrived and with Balangan and Padang Padang too big for our beginners we ventured off around the island to find some suitable swell. Nusa Dua was great to show the clients but had a bit too much wind. We all piled back into the van and headed to the other side of the island to Jimbaran where the waves were clean and small- perfect for the crew we had! The local groms were all paddling around shredding up the beach break. A great visual for any tourist is to see a keen young grom hungry for waves fighting it out with their mates. With some first waves caught the long search for suitable waves was well worth it with big smiles and good vibes coming out of the water after our first session. We were all stoked that we were conveniently surfing in front of Bali’s best seafood restaurants. We strolled down the beach for some fresh snapper, crab, prawns and lobster!! High tide crept up soon enough and the waves disappeared but they came creeping back on in bigger and better than ever. Second session saw the afternoon through and we all had our fair share of waves. Nice gentle white wash ridden all the way to the shore! Tired eyes at the dinner table tonight with that sleepy yet extremely satisfied feeling that all surfers get. Early to bed tonight. 5.30am start tomorrow!

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