Early morningssss

Today we were blessed with a gorgeous 5.30am surf time. Ahhh early mornings! It is a great thing though that the surf time is continually changing as the clients get to understand tide times and the correct time for beginners to surf. It also varies their days on their holiday. For some this morning their idea of a holiday was not getting up before the sun- you snooze you loose we say! Those keen beans were ready to go bright and early and as we arrived to Padang conditions were perfect! Clean little 1-2ft sets and no one in the water- yet. We paddled out and had a great first morning session. Everyone was catching waves and laughing as they surfed. We headed back to the camp for breakfast then it was a chilled day until the 3pm afternoon session. Our instructors took the beginners through our ‘must know info for all beginners’ with everyone finding the talk extremely useful. Our advanced guys and girl surfed a secret spot this afternoon with good results and all smiles coming back home. Out for dinner tonight to Uluwatu Café for some Mahi Mahi grilled, bintangs and their famous Apple Pie and ice-cream! Yuuuuuuummmmm

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