Padang fun times

Today was quite the scenic day for everyone. With swell being slightly unpredictable at low tide we did a bit of a tour of the island again. We drove to Nusa Dua and Gerger but with strong winds and still low tide we made a quick call and heard our home break Padang was shaping up nicely for high tide. We cruised back to our hub and unloaded the boards ready to get into it. First lunch! Local warungs along the beach supplied great Padang specials for all. With food settled and sunscreen applied we paddled out for some fun in the sun. The first session was fun with some bigger sets thrown in there to keep the beginners on their toes. With quite a few beginners in the water there were foam boards, legs and arms flying everywhere. It was quite a sight from the shore and quite an experience for those in the water. A few collisions and few killer waves caught brought the crew back in for a breather and an afternoon ice cream. Soon enough we were grabbing our boards for round two. Late afternoon session was much less crowded and gave us all a chance to get a great one to end the day. Sitting out on the water watching the sun go down. It’s all good!

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