Early morning, late night! hehe

Today we were blessed with yet another early morning start- we got into some good convos last night so it was a little hard to go to sleep and even harder to get up in the morning. We pulled through and loaded up the cars and headed down to good old Padang at 5.30am. When we checked on the bridge the swell was so small it was hardly breaking, but the main thing about surf checks (and this is what we tell our clients) is that you must be patient! A quick look and Padang was fl-at! But once we waited a little longer we saw some neat clean 1foot sets rolling in and some even grew to 2foot. We had the entire beach to ourselves all morning. Catching waves left right and centre, it was great. We packed it in when the swell dropped off a bit and came back to the camp for some hearty breakfast. Our intermediate guys surfed a secret spot this morning with nice 2footers to play around in. After breakfast it was the rest of the day off for beginners as the swell was looking a little too small but our intermediates surfed the secret spot yet again. This afternoon some of our guys headed to Buddha Soul to watch the footy- New Zealand vs. France in the rugby- New Zealand won! Back to the camp for a Sunday night barbecue and looks like there is a new chef in town?? Move over Josh, Kingy has the tongs!

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