One surf, rest of the day free!

Today it was yet another early start for the guys with a 5am wake-up call for a 5.30am surf time. Once everyone had their coffee fix and their sugar hit we loaded up the boards and headed down to Padang beach to see what the swell was doing. This morning on the low- high tide the swell was 2-3ft, a little cleaner then yesterday but still having a strong rip and cross-shore winds. We headed down early to beat the crowd and get the waves to ourselves before others joined. The guys had a great session, after last nights discussion on everything surf, you could really see an improvement in not only the beginners style and pop-ups but also to their awareness of the surf and how the break at Padang works. They all caught the wave, paddled across and into the channel waiting for the next set. When you have a grasp on the awareness everything works like clockwork and you get so much more out of your surfing. Seeing as the next high tide wasn’t until after dark we only surfed once today, giving the day free for Kuta shopping outings, sunbathing, pool lounging and just relaxing! Our intermediates had an afternoon session in Dreamland, with some new boards being ridden and some good results! All goooooood here in the camp!

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