I surf small waves..hehe

Today we had yet another early start, rising at 5am and heading to the beach at 5.30am. With a light pour down of rain early this morning the humidity kicked in early- the rainy season is definitely on its way! We drove over the bridge in Padang for a surf check and the waves were soooo small. Since the massive swell rolled in last week its just been getting smaller and smaller ever since, today the swell was 1ft and Padang was hardly breaking. We decided to head to Balangan Beach as Padang was un-surfable. The swell is predicted to be small for one-week straight- lucky we live in paradise! We arrived at Balangan and had clean 1ft sets and some slightly bigger 2ft sets every so often. With so many clients now we have two full packed cars and a heap of keen surfers! We lined the shore break with foam boards and practised our pop-ups until it was ready to surf. The army of surfers paddled out into the water and battled the 1ft sets. With the swell so small everyone was catching waves and having a ball! We surfed 2 sessions in Balangan, enjoying a local breakfast and lunch from the amazing warung. Watermelon juice, banana pancakes and cap cay! Yuuuummoowww

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