Padang barrelling lefts

Today the camp saw yet another early start arriving at Padang beach at 6am. As our day was just beginning some clients nights were just ending with 4 of our boys strolling into the camp pissed as nits at 6am this morning. Once we got down to the beach the swell seemed like it had dropped with 2-3ft sets rolling in. There were some 4ft sets and Padang left was going off. Word must have gotten out that it was pumping as the crowd grew from 5 guys to 20 to 30 quite quickly. The waves were a little messy and the rip was strong but the guys managed to surf some nice waves and always had the white wash to catch. With another low high tide, a second surfing session was not an option so back to the camp we went with a whole day free and the surfing session out of the way. Some clients fixed their craving of Sushi Tei and headed into Kuta for an amazing feed. Others just relaxed around the pool. Padang left continued to roar through out the day with some 5ft clean barrelling sets rolling in. There were professionals in the water riding the famous Padang barrel such as Jamie O’Brien and Mega Semadhi. All happening at our local beach. We love this place.


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