Balangan beach clean and small

Today we were blessed with a little sleep in and had a surf time of 6.30am; this allowed the sun to rise just before us. We got up, loaded up the boards, had our sugar and caffeine fix and headed to check Padang Padang beach. Upon a surf check from the bridge the swell still looked rather small. The prediction is for small swell to be hanging around for about a week. We waited for some sets but they never really came so we pulled a u-turn and headed to Balangan Beach again. Balangan can sometimes be a bit on the large size for our beginners but with the swell in Padang so small at the moment the waves in Balangan are mint! Clean 1-2ft sets peeling in from the point with the waves being very soft as well. Our first session was a lot of fun with Samo showing the clients the ‘foam board head stand’ and some clients even having a go at it! We paddled in for some banana pancakes and fresh fruit juice before hitting up session two soaking up the sun as it rolled into the day. We dined in at the warung for lunch as well today before heading back to the camp for some reeeelllax time. Back at the camp today there was some amusement in watching and photographing our gorgeous Manis take a bath. Isn’t he cute? Hehe


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