Secret spots for everybody!

Today our surf time was not until 8am so we were able to sleep in, enjoy breakfast before loading up the boards and heading out. Our intermediate guys surfed Uluwatu at dawn break this morning with a final surf session for our mate Laurie who is leaving us today. He could never get enough of Uluwatu and it was a good morning session to end his holiday. With the swell still a little on the small side we decided to take EVERYBODY- the whole family to a secret spot! We had 3 cars and 4 bikes trailing to the spot. The surf was puuuurfect with clean 2ft sets and some 3 footers thrown in. The waves were great and it was amazing to have the entire spot all to ourselves. Kingy took out a new Lost quad board and put on a clinic for all who was there- check todays photo! After two fantastic sessions we loaded up everyone and everything and headed to a great Chinese Restaurant for a well earned lunch. Sweet and sour prawns, rice noodles and mixed juices all round. The rest of the afternoon was spent taking some serious R & R before dinner and some funny DVDs. Ahhh another day in paradise.

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