Surfin secret spots again!

Today we had another morning surfing time and were able to enjoy a hearty fuelling breakfast of omelettes, pancakes, jaffles and coffee coffee coffee! Once everyone was full we loaded the boards onto the cars and took 2 full keen carloads and 4 motorbikes to our secret spot again! The swell today was slightly smaller but still perfect conditions for our beginners. Our intermediates came surfing with us too and found some bigger peaks to get some clean 2foot lefts and rights. The guys surfed one session paddling in for a quick re-hydration and rest before taking on round two. There was some great improvement coming from all of our beginners today, with some using bigger boards and some using smaller but everybody seemed to feel quite comfortable with the board under their feet on the wave. We cheered everyone’s wave and there was a lot of laughing and fun had. We paddled in and quickly headed back to the cars as by this time we were starving! We loaded up the cars and cruised into Uluwatu Café for some chicken burgers, seafood salad, fresh mango juices and the best iced cappuccino in the Bukit! Mmmhhmmm. Day off tomorrow and looks like were taking a night out in Kuta!!…See you on the other side hehehe

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